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Make your cricket admin easy!
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Manage your entire cricket landscape. From league schedules to player registrations, ground availability to result management, all available under one convenient account. 

Fixture Management
  • Create and manage your leagues, divisions, tournaments and fixtures online.
  • Fully customisable match-type and format set-up. Manage your clubs.
  • Easy collation and auditing of results, statistics and points tables.
  • Automated match day reporting.
  • Multiple scoring methods.
Club Management
  • Online registration for playing and non-playing participants.
  • Manage your teams.
  • Player transfers and participant renewal.
  • Participant record and data management.
  • Participation analysis and reporting.
  • Manage access for scorers to download and score fixtures on CricHQ for iOS or CricHQ for Android.
Resource Management
  • Ground and pitch facility management and reporting. 
  • Umpire and official allocation, scheduling and communication.

Get great administration tools, whatever your plan!


From USD$10 for five fixtures

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From USD$25 per draw

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Using CricHQ’s cloning feature, I’ve got setting up for the season down to 3 minutes.

Craig Findlay   | Hawkes Bay Cricket Association, NZ

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CRM + Reporting

Never feel out of touch with your cricket community. Contact your players, fans and participants whenever you need, and understand them like never before with advanced reporting features.

Contact Management
  • Securely collect, edit, store and analyse contact details and cricket information. 
  • Collate, manage and analyse the demographic information of your cricket community.
  • Search and report across organisational or club information.
  • Execute communication campaigns to selected audiences with personalised messages.
  • Send emails or notifications to keep your community up-to-date.

Gain insights from within your cricketing community through:

  • Player and non-playing participant reporting.
  • Fixture completion report by type; live, manual etc.
  • Detailed playing statistics.
  • School Leavers summary.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Communication reports.
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Take the hassle out of your club or league site. With integrated cricket data and social channels already built in, your site will always be up to date and looking sharp.

Integrated with CricHQ Data

Never have an out of date site with your CricHQ scorecards, stats and leagues automatically udpated.

Quick wizard setup

Simply search for you league and club and we do the rest by pulling existing logos and league information.

Easy to use templates

Making you site look great is easy with prebuilt templates. Make a few edits and it's you own unique site.

Mobile optimised

A great experience on any device. Our sites let your community view on laptops, tablets and phones.

Online Payments

Setup your shop and take payments for uniforms, player registrations and supporters kit.

Social integration

Keep everything updated in the one location with your social channels integrated into your site.

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Integrated with CricHQ Data

You cricket, displayed your way. You cricket community can come online and find the most up to date information with statistics updated instantly from CricHQ.

  • Your very own match centre for league fixtures
  • Instantly updated results and scorecards
  • Live matches are a click away
  • Up-to-date league and tournament tables
  • Full season leaderboards for your clubs and leagues
Auto setup & Easy to use templates

Select your club or league, choose a template, and away you go! 10 minutes and you are live, creating a site has never been easier.

  • Automatically pulls names and logos
  • Click and go templates available
  • Social integration for your favourite channels
  • Simple to add and remove blocks in your template
  • Publish immediatley or edit in 'Lockdown'
  • Instant updates for all users

What are you waiting for?! Join thousands of other clubs, schools and leagues and get started with CricHQ today.


Ideal for clubs and schools, providing a fully integrated, easy to setup website.

From USD$200 per year

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Perfect for small leagues, tournaments or academies. Give participants the best experience.

From USD$750 per year

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The best offering for any league or association. A one-stop-shop for your entire cricket community. 

From USD$2000 per year

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CricHQ.sites provides a one-stop shop, with all our draws, results and stats.

Tom Ronaldson   |  Wellington Collegians Board Member, NZ

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Digital Scoring

Scoring has never been so fun or easy! Score cricket matches via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone and engage your audience with live updates straight to their device.

Mobile Scoring

Capture scores in real-time with easy editing functionality on the world’s leading Android and iOS App.

  • Access or create your fixture at the ground.
  • Ball-by-ball score collation and editing for quick corrections.
  • Real-time performance analytics including live pitch map and wagon wheel data and net run rate.
  • Manage rain affected matches with official Duckworth-Lewis-Stern calculations.
  • Fast and easy upload of data at match completion with online submission of scoresheets and automatic synchronisation of player and team statistics.
  • Online submission of paper scoresheets.
  • Share results and statistics on social media channels.
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Desktop Scoring

Total Cricket Scorer is a windows-based software for scoring cricket on PC's, featuring:

  • Batsman and bowler statistics with multiple graphs displays.
  • Live ball-by-ball scores online and traditional scorecard or linear scoresheets.
  • Integration with CricHQ Cricket Administration and electronic scoreboards.
Get Desktop Scoring

Far less paper clutter to blow in the breeze

Pat Culpan   |    International Scorer, Valley Districts Cricket Brisbane

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Electronic Scoreboards

Quickscore brings next generation scoreboard technology to club and school cricket. Display in-depth individual stats, match stats, match highlights and milestones all wirelessly controlled through scoring on CricHQ.

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Automatic indexing of all your video clips just by scoring makes the easiest way to capture, watch and share your cricket.


Install a My Action Replay Hub and fixed-position camera.


Simply turn on the camera and live score your match.


Review and share highlights with your cricketing community.

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Capture and index video with one click

Easily score a match, whilst automatically recording video clips for each ball. With one click your scorer can now capture both the score, and the video - making them a scorer, and a video producer!

  • Instant footage to review on your tablet or screen
  • Automatically created as you score via CricHQ or TCS.
  • Easy to broadcast match highlights
  • Ability to share video or livestream with your cricket community.
  • A cost-effective video analysis tool with searchable player history and a secure online editing suite.
Full editing suite

Take your video to the next level with a full editing suite designed for both the social guru and the coaching experts. 

  • Design player specific video packages for training
  • Add ball tracking and custom call outs to any video
  • Overlay social icons and shoutouts to encrease social engagement
  • Produce the best highlight reels from cricket at all grades
Share the action! lets you watch video highlights, on any device, straight in the Match Centre, creating the most engaging user experience for your cricket community.

  • Share instant ball by ball video
  • Integration with your favourite social channels
  • Create and share highlights packages
  • Engage your online community like never before
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Social + Profile

Now you can get live match updates, follow players and share posts across all levels of cricket, even manage your own career blazing cricket profile!

Create and manage your CricHQ Profile

Whether you're a player or a fan, your CricHQ profile is your space to follow and share the cricket that matters to you.

  • Find and follow players, teams or leagues.
  • Keep track of your playing statistics, MVP standings and match results.
  • Comment and share your thoughts on the action!

Have you claimed your player profile? Find out how→ 

Keep up-to-date with the cricket that matters to you

Download CricHQ for iOS or Android to get instant updates straight to your device.

CricHQ push notifications let you know when your favourite players have taken the field or your teams are in action.

Never miss a ball with CricHQ!

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Stay connected with Newsfeed

CricHQ's newsfeed is a social channel dedicated to your cricket updates and comments.

Use your newsfeed to:

  • Post match updates, videos and comments.
  • Share your news to keep friends, family and followers up-to-date with your matches and milestones.
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Match Centre

Follow all your favourite players and teams from local junior cricket, through to the World Cup Final. The same incredible experience available at all levels.


Follow live action

Follow matches at every level from any where in the world, with live updates sent straight to your device.

View detailed scorecards

Drill down into the details of your scorecard with auto generated match reports and advanced analytics.

Get instant notifications

Never miss another ball! Notifications alert you of your favourite players and teams performances.

Your cricket on-the-go!

With CricHQ on you your device you can:

  • Get the latest score updates and follow live ball-by-ball commentary.
  • Watch live video or highlights reels from local games via
  • Search upcoming and completed fixtures for match information and statistics.
  • Access your profile and newsfeed to post updates and commentary as the action happens.
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It's important to have your decisions backed up by data. CricHQ provides comprehensive, up-to-date statistics for all of your players and teams.

Leaderboards and Match Reports
  • Aggregated leaderboards and standings tables for clubs and leagues.
  • Player, match, tournament, league and ground statistics and information. 
  • Comprehensive reporting for pre and post-match analysis. 
  • Gain tournament, season and career statistical insight. 
  • Full statistical and player-by-player reporting for talent identification. 
In-Match Analysis 
  • 3D wagon wheel and pitch map analysis.
  • Key performance indicator comparisons.
  • RPO, Manhattan and partnership information.
  • Official Duckworth-Lewis-Stern projections
  • CricHQ outcome predictions.
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Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Dream Team
  • Officially recognised MVP formula for benchmarking player contribution, created in collaboration with the NZCPA.
  • MVP awarding across matches, leagues, seasons, career, age-group and match-type provides objective performance recognition. 
  • MVP Leaderboards to showcase your players or teams performance.
  • Weekly CricHQ Dream Team player rankings so you can see how you stack up against the world's best! 

CricHQ aligns perfectly with my philosophy; keep getting better, but keep it simple.

Sophie Devine   |   International Cricketer

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Our aim is to make video technology available to all levels of the game. Check out some clips from our partners at My Action Replay below, and get in touch with us today to get installed in your club house!


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Need data? Access the fastest push-driven API on the market! With our range of our flat-rate packages there's a solution for everyone.

Your Data

Great for clubs, schools and local teams.

From USD$100 per month

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Get access to your:

  • Live scores.
  • Fixtures and results.
  • Ground information.
  • Aggregated leaderboards.
  • Lifetime stats by player, team, competition and series.
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) calculations.
CricHQ Data

Perfect for media agencies and websites feeds.

From USD$1000 per month

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Access CricHQ data including:

  • Live scores of all International Men's Cricket.
  • Live scores of all domestic men’s cricket in Australia, India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, West Indies.
  • Crowd-sourced live scores of club and school cricket in most major territories.
  • Competition leaderboards.
  • Player profiles and full player statistics.
  • Historic data backdated to 1863; including past scores and completed matches.
CricHQ Data Pro

The fastest push-driven API on the market for commercial clients.

From USD$2000 per month

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Access tailored API's with:

  • Full access to CricHQ Data* delivered in 0.4 seconds**
  • Broadcast via a web viewer or direct API access
  • Weather and ground conditions
  • Pitch bounce and turn levels
  • Expected batting order
  • Bowler running in notification
  • Danger signal to warn of potential wicket or boundary
  • Match delay and break information
  • Decision review notifications
  • Injured player notifications and much more ...

* CricHQ Data inclusions as listed in the CricHQ Data package . ** Average latency from data input to display, subject to IP infrastructure.

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