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Available on iOS and Android

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CricHQ Scoring includes:
  • Simple one-tap scoring
  • Quick edit options
  • LIVE broadcasts of every ball
  • Integrated with CricHQ Video
  • In-App video capture (coming soon)
  • Automated commentary
  • Instant match insights
  • Integrated with CricHQ fixtures and results
  • Social broadcast
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CricHQ Scoring really free?

Yes. We believe that encouraging more people to take up scoring is crucial to growing the game. As part of our comitment to this we have made CricHQ Scoring free to everyone so that more people can get involved. You can download any of our applications, set up a match, broadcast it live, and upload a final scorecard for anyone to view free of charge.

How does CricHQ Scoring improve my cricket?

With CricHQ Scoring capturing your cricket becomes easier than ever. It also allows you to broadcast your cricket live or post-match to your community so they can view and follow along anywhere in the world. As you score statistics and match insights build allowing you to analyse performances like never before.

Are there paid components of CricHQ?

Yes. CricHQ Fan, Administration, Video and Websites are either paid services or have paid components. These are used for viewing particular cricket components, adminstering cricket leagues and clubs, capturing video content and displaying it all on your own website solution. Scoring and capturing your cricket on CricHQ is free.

Does CricHQ Scoring integrate with my league fixtures?

If your league fixtures are run on CricHQ using Adminsitration, then yes scoring will integrate with these fixtures. Other league management platforms are not supported for download of fixtures and information, or submission of results via our applications.

How does CricHQ Scoring integrate with CricHQ Administration?

CricHQ Scoring can download scheduled fixtures from CricHQ Administration. This includes getting the teams, players, dates, grounds and match rules instantly for the scorer. The match can then be broadcast live for anyone to view and once the match is complete CricHQ Scoring can submit a result to the competition adminsitrators. These results can be used to generate advanced statitsics and leaderboards online. Find out more about CricHQ Administration here.

What type of support is available to CricHQ Scoring users?

CricHQ Scoring users can find answers to most questions on our extensive CricHQ Support site or learn to get more from our products via the CricHQ Library. A community is also available online for all users to discuss ideas and assist each other. If you need further assistance you can contact our online support team via

For more information on terms and conditions of services, see our Terms of Use Statements here.