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You can administer all of your cricket, players, fixtures, and competitions on CricHQ.

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CricHQ Administration includes:
  • Competition Management
  • Participant CRM
  • Player Registrations
  • E-commerce
  • Venue Management
  • Official Management
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Administration Reporting add-on includes:
  • Organisation dashboards
  • Demographic reporting
  • Participation analysis
  • Detailed playing statistics
  • School leavers reporting
  • Fixture completion reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an admin?

A admin (or administrator) is any person who uses the Adminsitration software. In our pricing plan, certain types of users -- like team administrators and scorers -- are exempt from user-based pricing tiers, which means you can have as many of those people working with you and using the software as you like. Other types of users, like organisation administrators and club adminsitrators, are included and calculated in the cost of use.

Do I need to buy Administration services?

All new CricHQ Administration customers need to buy services to get started adminsitering league fixtures and results, using advanced reporting features, unlocking communication options, and building statistics and leaderboards. However if you wish to simply register players and teams for recording and scoring purposes you can use these features for free.

Are there any separate email sending fees?

Yes. CricHQ charges US$0.50 per 1k emails sent to cover cost of services in addition to the standard monthly administration costs. These emails can be purchased in advance by talking to a sales member today and unlocking mass email communication tools for your cricket organisation.

Do I need to pay for a month up front?

Yes, CricHQ Administration is charged in advance of usage. Talk to our sales team today about getting Adminsitration for a month for short tounraments, or discuss an annual contract to ensure you get the best ROI and support from CricHQ. Talk to our sales team to find out more about plans and what CricHQ can do for you.

Are there any overage fees?

No, CricHQ's pricing is designed to scale with the size of your organisation. We ask our customers to purchase the product tier that best fits their needs. We don't charge 'overage fees', but the number of 'Admins' you need to provide paid access for is likely to grow as more clubs, adminsitrators and league organisers choose to make the most of CricHQ. When this happens, it's easy to increase your 'Admins' to match your requirements.

What type of support comes with CricHQ Administration?

Those who purchase CricHQ Adminsitration will have webform support via CricHQ Support. This provides a means for you to have your questions answered by CricHQ customer support specialists. Larger customers will get a dedicated account manager aswell for further assistance. Users of all our products can also make use of out community pages, library articles for getting the most ROI, and extensive online knowledge base. Check out today.

For more information on terms and conditions of services, see our Terms of Use Statements here.

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