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Your Data

Best for schools, clubs & local teams.

US$100 per month

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Your Data gives you:

  • Your cricket data straight from CricHQ.
  • Live scores.
  • Fixtures and results.
  • Ground information.
  • Aggregated scorecards.
  • Lifetime stats by player, team, competition & series.
  • Most Valuable Player calculations.

CricHQ Data

Best for website feeds & media uses.

US$1,000 per month

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CricHQ Data gives you:

  • Live scores of all International men’s Cricket.
  • Live scores of all domestic men’s cricket in Australia, India, England,
    South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, West Indies.
  • Crowd-sourced live scores of club and school cricket in most major territories.
  • Competition leaderboards.
  • Player profiles and full player statistics.
  • Historic data backdated to 1863; including past scores and completed matches.

CricHQ Data Pro

Best for broadcasters & commercial uses.

US$2,000 per month

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CricHQ Data Pro gives you:

  • Full access to CricHQ Data* delivered in 0.4 seconds**
  • Broadcast via a web viewer or direct API access
  • Weather and ground conditions
  • Pitch bounce and turn levels
  • Expected batting order
  • Bowler running in notification
  • Danger signal to warn of potential wicket or boundary
  • Match delay and break information
  • Decision review notifications
  • Injured player notifications
  • And much more ...

* CricHQ Data inclusions as listed in the CricHQ Data package .   ** Average latency from data input to display, subject to IP infrastructure.