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Learn how to auto-generate your fixtures

Jimmy McLellan, Customer Success Specialist

Wish you could generate 25 rounds of fixtures for 20 teams at the click of a button? We thought so. That's why CricHQ built our automatic fixture generator, allowing you to simply enter your basic fixture info and let us take care of the rest



What you need

To do this you will need access to CricHQ's Cricket Administration platform. Once you have this you can take full advantage of our Fixture Management tools. If you don't currently have access, find out more here: Click to learn about Cricket Administration with CricHQ

Using the automatic fixture generator

CricHQ can automatically generate all of your fixtures when creating your draws. Let's show you how:

1. Navigating to the Draw creation page

Login to and navigate to Admin > Organisations > select your organisation > Competitions > select your competition.


In here click "New Draw". You are now on the Draw creation page.


2. Filling out the Draw information

The draw page contains fields for general information we need to display your draw correctly, create the correct fixtures, and ensure statistics are allocated to the right places once results are accepted. Fill in the details requested using the tool tips to help with any sections you are unsure about.


3. What are the options for auto-generating fixtures?

There are 4 options when creating your draw. They range from having CricHQ generate all fixtures for you including teams, dates, times and venues - through to generating nothing at all so you can start with a blank slate (see examples in the GIF below).



4. How do I use the "Auto Fixture Generation" feature?

Once you have chosen to what level you would like CricHQ to auto-generate fixtures for you, make sure to add all the teams and grounds you will be using to your draw. This is crucial to ensure we can add the correct number of rounds, the best allocation of grounds, and the most efficient use of dates.



Once you have added everything you need, select "Create Draw" at the bottom of the form. CricHQ will take the "Draw Structure" you have asked for, the "Starting dates" requested, the "Time slots added", the "Teams" selected and much more. We go away in the background and create you the best possible draw with the entered information. 

TOP TIP: Easily change the structure of your draw, or how many rounds are in it using the "Draw Structure" and "Draw Ends" options.

  •  Using "Draw Structure" you can change your round robin into a knockout out tournament, or Pool Play competition.
  • Using "Draw Ends" you can choose "After a number of rounds" and input a number. This can be 4 rounds, or 52 rounds, entirely up to you.




5. How do I test the auto-generate feature?

Want to have a test before you use this for your competitions? Not a problem, just follow the above steps and create a draw. The draws by default will be 'Draft' so no players or fans will see these fixtures until you publish them. If it's not quite right just try creating another and deleting the old draw.


TOP TIP: To save time, go to an existing draw, click the main drop down, and click 'Clone'. This will prefill the draw creation form with the existing draws information, allowing you to make small adjustments and create another draw quickly.


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