What comprises a digital asset? Can you engage with your customers directly? And what does success look like? Executing a digital strategy, is more than simply generating likes on a Facebook page.

CricHQ's digital platform provides you with a foundation upon which successful digital strategies can be delivered.  

Core Functions

Cricketing organisations are now able to take advantage of technology to replace paper-based and manual processes. CricHQ's digital platform delivers time and cost efficiencies, as well as the realisation of data and content assets. 

Data Management

Cricket lends itself to big data capture, and effective management enables a successful digital strategy. With CricHQ cricket, participant, customer and demographic data is collected, curated and packaged for use throughout your organisation. 

Content Generation

Cricket has the ability to hold the attention of fans for days. From the grassroots to the grandstand, CricHQ enables you to offer more content, of a higher standard to leverage fan engagement.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Identifying and understanding your customers and their interactions with your organisation is pivotal in building a positive relationship. With CricHQ you can realise the value of comprehensive customer data to engage your cricketing community. 

Activating Communication

CricHQ automates the process of targeting your communications to the right customers at the right time with relevant, highly-engaging content. 

Are you ready to survive, grow and win in the digital age?

How will your organisation face up to the challenges of the digital world to unlock the value of the cricket played in your region?

To help you better understand digital transformation and its benefits, we put together this industry 'best practice' white paper.

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