Digital scoring solutions

The cricket scorer has always been at the epicentre of a cricket match. Now scorers all over the world are transitioning to digital, utilising technology and becoming even more valuable to the cricket organisations they score for.

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Live Scoring Applications

Score your match on CricHQ and broadcast every ball in real-time. Available on iOS, Android and Windows for laptops.

Integrated Cricket Administration

Automate the reporting required by your cricketing administrators. Now scorecards, points tables and statistical leaderboards are updated as soon as you load your match.

Informing your Supporter Community

The local community who support your cricket team want to be kept up with the play. By scoring on a digital platform, supporters receive notifications of matches and can follow along with the action as it happens.

Player and Team Performance Records

Accumulate statistics on player and team profiles automatically, rather than being stuck in unproductive, time intensive manual tasks, traditionally associated with converting paper scorebooks into useful and consumable information.

The other big plus on using the app is the freedom it gives the scorer. Far less paper clutter to blow in the breeze, the increased "free time" at the end of an over, the fall of a wicket and end of an innings. I see paper based scorers still getting flustered and going red faced whilst adding entries in all the required boxes and then making sure it balances. For me, three or four clicks and I am socialising, chatting and having a beer."

Pat Culpan / International Scorer and Club rock-star at Valley Districts Cricket Club in Brisbane.


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