Maximise the effectiveness of your player development.

Digitising High Performance

CricHQ's digital platform enables innovative, data-led benefits to your organisations players and coaches across all age groups, levels and geographic regions. Automated pre-match information, linear scorecards, MVP and post-match reporting enables you to benefit from, and provide your players with, elite-level high-performance information.

Identifying Talent

Substantiate your selection, development and coaching decisions with data. CricHQ provides automated and up-to-date statistics, analysis and data visualisation to objectively support decision-making.

Real-time Analytics

Coaches, captains and players can formulate and execute tactics and strategies, based on real-time data, to gain a match winning advantage over the opposition. 

Sharing Success

Celebrate the achievements of all of your players and teams with their friends, family and fans through integrated social media, notifications, newsletters, live scoring and video streaming. 

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