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Full current and historic scorecards

Looking for this weekends club match or a scorecard from year's gone by? It's all available to you free with CricHQ. 



All levels from club cricket to the international stage

To compliment your local leagues, you can also find domestic and international cricket for the test playing nations and more, all the way back to the 1800's! So whilst you are catching up on your club cricket you can keep an eye on the international superstars too.



Preview video highlights

Preview the match highlights available for every match with video capture. With access to the latest replays on any match with video capture you can experience the power of video at your local club.




Automated post-match reports

Tired of spending hours after every match putting together a report for your player's, coaches and supporters? Well with post match reports we auto generate 30+ page reports for every match scored on CricHQ for iOS or Android.


Your very own fan profile

Build your cricket profile and share it with the world. Whether you are a fan, parent or player, you can develop a profile to showcase your cricket knowledge and opinions.



Notifications keep you up to date

Keep up to date with the latest action from every player and team you follow. Receive instant notifications when players are in action so you know just the right moment to start viewing.


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Features Free
Match Centre
Discover scorecards and fixtures from all around the world with our advanced match centre.
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Upcoming Fixtures
Keep an eye on what fixtures are coming up in your season and view pre-match info along with live countdowns to play.
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Unlock complete scorecards so you can view performances and track the games you missed.
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Live Match Summary
View a summary of the live action for your favourite teams and players just seconds after it happens on the field.
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Club, School and League Cricket
Never miss another local match with all levels of recreational cricket available to watch and follow from any device.
International and Domestic Cricket
Take your time following your local club and school matches, and still never miss a ball with first class and international matches captured for all test playing nations.
Preview Match Video Highlights
Access a preview of our video highlights packages whenever you want, where ever you want, for all matches that have captured video.
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Personal Fan Profile
Build your own fan profile and broadcast your cricketing thoughts and moments with the world.
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Player Profiles
View all player profiles no matter where in the world they play and understand their teams and performances.
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Club, Team and League Profiles
Delve into the players and teams involved in all levels of the game and see their latest updates.
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Find what you want, when you want with our advanced search and filtering tools for profiles, matches and competitions.
Follow Profiles
Follow profiles to customise your timeline with their posts and keep up to date on what they are doing.
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Basic Notifications
Receive instant notifications of the profiles you follow and when they are participating in matches.
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Keep track of competitions and leagues from around the world, including their standings and pool performances.
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Delve into detailed leaderboards and find the top bowlers, batsman, fielders, MVP and Dream Team on every profile.
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Post-match Reports
With so much data collected each match check out our auto-generated 30+ page match reports when any match is scored via the CricHQ App.
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