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Blog Leadership March 14, 2017

Why succession planning is the key to long term success

From the All Blacks to the Indian National Cricket Team; why identifying and grooming potential leaders fosters continuity and generates sustained success, in ...

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Blog Leadership March 1, 2017

Believe! Confidence breeds success

One of life's most important lessons from the great Sir Richard Hadlee himself; how belief is key to nurturing confidence & success.

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Blog Leadership February 16, 2017

Crises: continuity or change?

When organisations go through trials and tribulations, when do you decide to follow through, and when do you decide to pull out the plug and start again? Chris ...

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Blog Leadership February 8, 2017

Managing a global technology team: the "do's & don'ts"

How to navigate the challenges of managing a global technology team.

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Blog Leadership January 24, 2017

Physical literacy: fundamental skills for young player development

To feel confident and competent at participating in sports, children need to be taught 'physical literacy' - fundamental movement skills which can encourage ...

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Blog Leadership January 19, 2017

The ultimate challenge for all of us 'one steppers'

Tasks that took days to complete such as competition management, player registration or ones impossible to consider such as a mass email or social media, ...

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Blog Leadership January 17, 2017

5 ways to make your cricket club's website more engaging

Whether your school, club or cricket organisation has an existing website, wants to improve your online presence or are seeking a new website solution, there ...

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Blog Leadership January 12, 2017

What our users say: 3 ways using CricHQ has impacted their cricket organisations

Evolving technology is having a positive and rapid impact on the sports industry - hear from three of our users about how CricHQ has revolutionised the game ...

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Blog Leadership January 9, 2017

Recreational cricket management: getting the Simple Stuff Done Right

Below are the top five points of how to maintain the basics of managing your cricket competition to ensure you have a strong competition and happy participant ...

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Blog Leadership January 9, 2017

5 ways to build a high-performance team culture

Team culture is significantly important for high performance cricket teams. Here are five ways in which you increase the performance of your cricket team.

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Blog Leadership October 31, 2016

4 key challenges facing leaders of cricket organisations

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of many cricket organisations. From efficiency to performance, fan engagement, communication and revenue.

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Blog Leadership September 2, 2016

Why saving for retirement is like a good cricket innings

Regular contributions to your retirement account (KiwiSaver in New Zealand) will see you accumulate the base of your retirement innings.

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Blog Leadership August 12, 2016

Advancing technology brings rich rewards for sport

Sporting bodies need to ensure they’re in the best position for continued growth and technological advancements offer them a sure way forward.

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Blog Leadership May 31, 2016

Cricket v Kabaddi; and the winner is . . . .

Advancements in technology will help cricket compete in the future.

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Blog Leadership May 9, 2016

Driving digital transformation - this time without Tony's billions!

CricHQ CEO Simon Baker gives us a diary style entry on his trip to the UK to further bed down CricHQ - Cricket's Digital Platform.

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Blog Leadership April 18, 2016

Why cricket scorers are digital rockstars!

Why cricket scorers are the leaders of digital transformation for cricket organisations.


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