Cricket, and the future of participation

Official data on participation within cricket is limited and can sometimes be misleading, and whilst historically there’s not a lot to compare to, anecdotal evidence tells us that the game of cricket is struggling to grow at the same pace as other mainstream sports. Countries like England,...


3 lessons learnt from Moneyball

I have been awestruck ever since I saw the movie ‘Moneyball’, a movie based on a non-fictional novel written by Michael Lewis which follows Oakland Athletics then-General Manager Billy Beane. Like most successful stories, this one also had a great message. However, this message was not about...

Product now on Android and iOS!

We're thrilled to announce yet another technology revolution for the sport we love, video integration with CricHQ! We have now integrated our digital cricket scoring applications with My Action Replay technology, providing the crucial link between scoring and video capture of a match. Update...


Why Kevin Roberts invested in CricHQ


Laver & Wood: Cricket bat lore – Part 4

The Coefficient of Restitution


Laver & Wood: Cricket bat lore – Part 3

Cricket bats were originally made out of a single piece of wood. This meant there was no shock attenuation when the bat struck the ball. The bat would have jarred in the hands of the batsman every time they hit the ball.

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